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General English Composition Textbooks

cover of Everyday Writer With Exercises (6th edition)
Everyday Writer With Exercises
by Andrea A. Lunsford
ISBN13: 978-1319027049
6th Edition
cover of Writing Today - Text Only (3rd edition)
Writing Today - Text Only
by Richard Johnson-Sheehan
ISBN13: 978-0321984654
3rd Edition
cover of Curious Writer -Text Only (5th edition)
Curious Writer -Text Only
ISBN13: 978-0134090023
5th Edition
cover of Everyday Writer (6th edition)
Everyday Writer
ISBN13: 978-1457698477
6th Edition
cover of Longman Reader (11th edition)
Longman Reader
by Judith Nadell
ISBN13: 978-0133862959
11th Edition
cover of McGraw-Hill Guide (4th edition)
McGraw-Hill Guide
by Duane Roen, Gregory R. Glau and Barry M. Maid
ISBN13: 978-0078118081
4th Edition
cover of Work in Progress: A Guide to English 101 (Custom) (7th edition)
Work in Progress: A Guide to English 101 (Custom)
by Mcneil Hayden
ISBN13: 978-0738071060
7th Edition
cover of Least You Should Know About English (13th edition)
Least You Should Know About English
ISBN13: 978-1305960947
13th Edition
cover of Writer`s Way (9th edition)
Writer's Way
ISBN13: 978-1285438542
9th Edition