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Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Education - 07 edition

Early Childhood Education - 07 edition

ISBN13: 9781554312375
ISBN10: 155431237X
Early Childhood Education by Permacharts - ISBN 9781554312375
Edition: 07
Copyright: 2007
Publisher: Permacharts, Inc.
International: No
Early Childhood Education by Permacharts - ISBN 9781554312375
ISBN13: 9781554312375
ISBN10: 155431237X
Edition: 07
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This Early Childhood Education Permachart provides students and facilitators with an overview of ECE programs and several approaches to the discipline. As well, the chart covers descriptions of specific challenges ECE facilitators face, an overview of children with exceptionalities and inclusion programs, and an outline of what can be found in ECE centers and classrooms.

ISBN: 1-55431-237-X

* What is Early Childhood Education?
* How Children Learn
o Reinforcement
+ How to Reinforce Play
o Play
+ Infants
+ Toddlers
+ Preschoolers
+ School Aged Children
* An ECE Centre Environment
+ Learning Environment
+ Family Environment
+ Group Size and Ratios
+ Cultural Awareness
+ Nutrition
+ Hygiene
+ Safety
o Routines
+ Schedules
+ Greetings and Dismissal Routines
+ Personal Care Routines
+ Meal Time Routines
+ Napping and Resting Routines
+ Health and Safety Routines
o Adult Space
* Early Childhood Issues
o Stress
+ Symptoms of Stress
+ How to Cope with Stress
o Poverty
o Social Exclusion
o School Readiness
* Teaching Skills
o Communication
+ Communicating with Children
+ Communicating with Adults
o Observation
o Guidance
* Early Childhood Education Approaches and Programs
o High/Scope Approach
o Montessori Approach
o Waldorf Approach
o Project Approach
o Head Start Programs