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Landscape Design : A Cultural and Architectural History

Landscape Design : A Cultural and Architectural History - 01 edition

Landscape Design : A Cultural and Architectural History - 01 edition

ISBN13: 9780810942530

ISBN10: 0810942534

Landscape Design : A Cultural and Architectural History by NA - ISBN 9780810942530
Edition: 01
Copyright: 2001
Publisher: Harry N. Abrams, Inc.
International: No
Landscape Design : A Cultural and Architectural History by NA - ISBN 9780810942530

ISBN13: 9780810942530

ISBN10: 0810942534

Edition: 01
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From Stonehenge to the royal gardens of Versailles, from the Nazca Lines of Peru to the Forbidden City of Beijing, from the great temple complexes of ancient Egypt to New York's Central Park, people throughout the world from the dawn of civilization have shaped the landscape around them. This fascinating book, a comprehensive survey of the history of landscape design, considers what the evolution of human interaction with the land reveals about the development of society, and how the resulting cities, parks, and gardens embody the values of the cultures that planned and built them. Beginning with prehistoric caves and stone circles, and continuing through the cities and planned environments created by civilizations from ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome up to the most exciting avant-garde gardens and earthworks of the present day, author Elizabeth Barlow Rogers discusses these superb landscapes in their historical and cultural contexts.

Lavishly illustrated with hundreds of plans, drawings, and photographs, many made specifically for this book, Landscape Design: A Cultural and Architectural History will be an invaluable resource to scholars, architects, garden enthusiasts, and indeed to anyone who appreciates the place-making creations of both the great artists and the ordinary folk who have shaped the land.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Magic, Myth, and Nature: Landscapes of Prehistoric, Early Ancient, and Contemporary Peoples

I. Caves and Circles: Sustaining Life and Discerning Cosmic Order
II. Architectural Mountains and the Earth's First Cities: Landscape as Urban Power in Early Ancient Civilizations
III. Ritual and Landscape in Prehistoric Greece: Earth Goddess and the Mighty Lords
IV. Cosmology in the Landscapes of the Americas: Spirits of Earth and Sky

Chapter 2. Nature, Art, and Reason: Landscape Design in the Classical World

I. Gods and Humans: The New Contract with Nature
II. Polis and Acropolis: City and Temple in the Greek Landscape
III. Empire: Hellenism and Roman Urbanism
IV. Garden and Villa: The Art of Landscape in Ancient Rome

Chapter 3. Visions of Paradise: Landscape Design as Symbol and Metaphor

I. Paradise as a Literary Topos: Gardens of God and Gardens of Love
II. Paradise on Earth: The Islamic Garden
III. Paradise Contained: Walled Cities and Walled Gardens of the European Middle Ages

Chapter 4. Classicism Reborn: Landscape Ideals of the Renaissance in Italy and France

I. Petrarch, Alberti, and Colonna: Humanism and the Landscape
II. Bramante and the Rediscovery of Axial Planning: Gardens of Sixteenth-Century Italy
III. Axial Planning on an Urban Scale: The Development of Renaissance Rome
IV. Currents of Fashion: The Transformation of the Italian Garden in France
V. The Evolution of French Urbanization and Garden Style: Paris in the Time of Henry IV

Chapter 5. Power and Glory: The Genius of Le Notre and the Grandeur of the Baroque

I. The Making of Vaux-le-Vicomte and Versailles: Andre Le Notre
II. The Garden as Theater: Italian Baroque and Rococo Gardens
Chapter 6 Expanding Horizons: Court and City in the European Grand Manner
I. French and Italian Exports: The Application of Classical and Baroque Design Principles to Gardens in the Netherlands, England, Germany, and Beyond
II. The Heroic City: Expressions of Classical and Baroque Urbanism
III. Nature's Paradise: America in the Colonial and Federal Periods

Chapter 7. Sense and Sensibility: Landscapes of the Age of Reason, Romanticism, and Revolution

I. The Genius of the Place: Forging a New Landscape Style Through Literature, Art, and Theory
II. Leaping the Fence: The Transformation of the English Landscape into a Pastoral Idyll with Political Meaning
III. Remaking England: Capability Brown, Professional Improver
IV. Nature's Canvas: English Philosophers and Practitioners of the Picturesque
V. Landscapes of Moral Virtue and Exotic Fantasy: The French Picturesque
VI. Designing Nature's Garden: The Landscapes of Thomas Jefferson
VII. The Landscape of Mind and Soul: Goethe and Wordsworth

Chapter 8. Nature as Muse: The Gardens of China and Japan

I. Mountains, Lakes, and Islands: Intimations of Immortality in the Chinese Garden
II. Tea, Moss, and Stones: Temple and Palace Gardens of Japan

Chapter 9. Expanding Cities and New Social Institutions: The Democratization of Landscape Design

I. Botanical Science, the Gardenesque Style, and People's Parks: Landscape Design in Victorian England
II. Redefining Rural America: The Influence of Andrew Jackson Downing
III. Honoring History and Repose for the Dead: Commemorative Landscapes and Rural Cemeteries
IV. The New Metropolis: Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux as Park Builders and City Planners

Chapter 10. Industrial Age Civilization: Birth of the Modern City, Beaux-Arts America, and National Parks

I. Haussmann's Paris: Birth of the Modern City
II. The City Beautiful: Monumental Urbanism in Beaux-Arts America
III. America the Beautiful: The National Park System

Chapter 11. Landscape as Aesthetic Experience: The Arts and Crafts Movement and the Revival of the Formal Garden

I. Modernity Challenged: Ruskin's Influence, the Past Revalued, and Italy's Long Shadow
II. The Edwardian and Post-Edwardian English Garden: Aristocracy's Golden Afternoon and Twilight
III. Design Synthesis: The End of the American Country Place Era

Chapter 12. Social Utopias: Modernism and Regional Planning

I. Urban Expansion: Town Planning for the Machine Age in Britain and Continental Europe
II. Greenbelt Towns or Suburbs?: Creating the American Metropolis

Chapter 13. A New Landscape Aesthetic: The Modernist Garden

I. Transitional Experimentation: Design Idioms of the Early Twentieth Century
II. Abstract Art and the Functional Landscape: Gardens for Modern Living

Chapter 14. Home, Commerce, and Entertainment: Landscapes of Consumerism

I. A Home for the Family: The Landscape of Suburbia
II. Commerce and Entertainment: Shopping Malls and Theme Parks

Chapter 15. Holding on and Letting Grow: Landscape as Preservation, Conservation, Art, Sport, and Theory

I. Preserving the Past: Place as Heritage, Identity, Tourist Landscape, and New Urbanist Community
II. Conserving Nature: Landscape Design as Environmental Science and Art
III. Earthworks, Golf Courses, Philosophical Models, and Poetic Metaphors: Landscape as Art Form, Sport, Deconstructivism, and Phenomenology

Chapter 16. The Weaving of Place and the Geography of Flows: Landscape as Bodily Experience and Vernacular Expression

I. Body and Space: The Weaving of Place
II. Cultural Geography: The Loom of Landscape