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10 Ways to Stay Productive When You're in a Slump

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10 Ways to Stay Productive When You're In a SlumpWe’ve all had days when it hurts to tear ourselves out of bed in the morning. You might have planned to complete your entire term paper and apply for your dream internship, but we can’t all be on our ‘A’ games every day. The good news is our friends over at Barnes & Noble College’s blog The College Juice have come up with some great ways to cut yourself some slack and stay productive, even when you’re in a slump.

1. Organize your desk.

De-cluttering different areas of your life not only feels productive in the moment, but it also helps create an environment that’ll inspire continued productivity. Let’s start with your desk. Toss any old papers and assignments you have laying around, move all of your desk supplies to a drawer or trinket dish, and rid the area of any items that have no business being in your workspace in the first place!

2. Clean out your inbox.

Clutter isn’t always a physical thing. Digital spaces can accumulate clutter, too. (Like your inbox and those 100+ unread emails you’ve got sitting there!) Go through any unread messages, clean out your spam folder, and unsubscribe to those emails you never even open anyway.

3. Declutter your desktop.

Speaking of digital clutter, take a moment to organize your desktop, as well. Organize your important files into folders, and then delete any old files you still have sitting on your desktop.

4. Listen to a career podcast.

If you’re too exhausted to physically do anything, how about sitting back and listening to a career podcast? Get inspired and garner some career tips you can implement once you’re well-rested and motivated.

5. Update your social media profiles.

Your social media profiles are a reflection of you, so tweak them in a positive way. Follow uplifting accounts (and unfollow the negative ones), go through old posts and delete anything that may represent you in a bad light, and work on your “bio” or “about me” sections — especially on LinkedIn!

6. Create/Refine your elevator pitch.

Your elevator pitch is how you sum up who you are as a professional in 20 seconds or less. This pitch is essential for job interviews, networking events, and more! Take a moment to research different ways to craft your pitch, and then fine-tune yours to your taste.

7. Write a list of goals.

You may be in too much of a slump to actually take action right now, but that’s okay. Simply creating a list of things you want to accomplish is a great step in the right direction. Focus your goals on career, academics, or self-improvement.

8. Do a 10-minute mindfulness exercise.

Guess what? Self-care is productive! This also might be exactly what you need to pull yourself out of that slump you’re in. Feel free to opt for a quick guided meditation, or simply sit in silence while you focus on your breathing.

9. Research future courses you want to take.

From figuring out the required courses you’ll need for your major, to looking into helpful electives that fall into your interests, researching courses to take throughout the rest of your college career will seriously aid you when it’s time to register for the next term’s classes.

10. Put together a “Go Me!” list. 

We all deserve to pat ourselves on the back sometimes, but it’s especially helpful when you’re feeling exhausted or unmotivated. Pull together a list of times you did a job well done — like when you helped out a friend or got a rave review on a project you worked on. This is a great list to continue adding to so that you can refer back to it whenever you need a pick-me-up!

Do you have any productivity tips to share? Hit us up on Facebook and let us know. Looking for more college advice? Check out our blog or head on over to The College Juice for more.