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12 Best Ways to Relieve Stress

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12 Best Ways to Relieve Stress All those finals. And the papers. And – woohoo! – holiday parties. Then there’s wrapping all those presents. And wrapping up your internship. And booking your travel. And actually traveling. This time of year is enough to make anyone stressed out, even the most zen among us. It might be hard to see past your heart palpitations, but you can get through this – we mean, you will get through this – with help from our list of 12 best ways to relieve stress.

1. One word: Breathe
No, really. We all take this for granted, but studies have shown that deep breathing can, among other things, lower blood pressure and boost your immune system. OK, all together now: big inhale.

2. Breathe in fresh air.
Too many hours in the library basement got you like? Take a break from memorizing those flashcards and get outside, even if it’s just a 10-minute walk around the block.

3. No, really, take a study break.
Whether you’re taking that walk around the block, grabbing another espresso, playing a bit of Zelda, or shopping for some last-minute presents, study breaks are (here we go, again) scientifically proven to boost brain functioning, productivity, retention, and attention span.

4. Make a schedule.
Overwhelmed by it all? You’re not alone. Writing a master list of to-do’s and pimping out your Google calendar will make you feel a little less overwhelmed (and will show you, yes, you can get it all done before winter break.)

5. Curb your ADD enthusiasm.
Is there any bigger timesuck (and stress upper) than ADD? Throttle it and wrangle your time with Strict Workflow, a Chrome plug-in that can help with your productivity by putting the kibosh on Twitter/Netflix/Reddit distractions.

6. Two words: Work. Out.
We just heard half of you say, “uh duh,” but even the most dedicated gymmies among us will let our workout routine slide this time of year – and with it one of the best ways to relieve stress. Now more than ever it’s important get in a quick workout, yoga session, or Pilates routine.

7. Phone a friend.
Or mom or dad or your brother or any good listener. One of the best ways to relieve stress? Talk it out to get it out. And who knows, they may be just as stressed as you are and will appreciate the call. Operation commiseration, commence.

8. Write it down.
Not the calling type? That’s OK. Get it down on paper. Journaling is shown to give you a more positive outlook and improve mental health.

9. Eat well. Or eat, period.
Whether it’s choosing the best study snacks to eat on the go or whipping up a fast, easy meal, you need to fuel up to keep focus – and to keep your blood sugar level.

10. Sleep well. Or sleep, period.
Ha! Sleep! Is this a ways to de-stress article, or an Onion piece? We know, we know – but a good night’s sleep is super important in keeping stress levels down. A regular sleep schedule is a must and all-nighters are a big no-no (according to some guy who went to med school for 7 years, anyway).

11. Pick up a book.
Anything that’s not a textbook. Did we just hear you laugh out loud? But seriously, 15 minutes of reading before bedtime (i.e., no screen time – see sleep tips above) will keep stress at bay.

12. Look at puppies.
When all else fails, just look into the eyes of a Golden Retriever. Yup – more science! – stress levels were shown to go down 37% in one study with just a few minutes of puppy time.


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