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5 Study Myths to Put to Rest

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5 Study Myths to Put to RestWe all want to get the most out of our study sessions, and there’s plenty of advice out there to help. But not all study tips are created equal, and our friends over at Barnes & Noble College’s blog, the College Juice, gathered up some oft-repeated study myths we need to put to rest.

1. You should always stick with the same study environment to stay productive.
There’s a study myth that you should always sit down at your desk or in the library when you study. It seems like it makes sense…those are designated study areas. But did you know it’s actually helpful to switch up where you study? A new location will refresh your mind, which can actually motivate you to focus and stay productive! Why not move your study session outdoors for a day?

2. Studying longer is a foolproof method for good grades.
You may be happy to hear that taking regular study breaks is essential. You’ll retain information better when your mind actually has time to process it, and you’re not burnt out from stress. It’s about studying smarter, not longer.

3. Studying should involve re-reading your notes over and over.
Speaking of study myths, did you know that just rereading your notes isn’t always an effective study method? It’s typically the go-to approach, but taking practice quizzes can often give you much better results. It forces your mind to practice recalling the information the same way you’ll be doing it on exam day. Give it a shot!

4. Pulling an all-nighter will keep the material fresh in your mind.
Many students swear by cramming their studying in at the last minute. Even worse—some even plan all-nighters just to do so! Contrary to popular belief, studies actually suggest that you’ll retain less information when you’re under stress. And as for the all-nighter aspect? Sleeping actually helps memory recall—so don’t skip out on it!

5. You don’t need to take notes because the PowerPoint is online.
As soon as the professor announces you can access each lecture’s PowerPoint online, everyone is so quick to put down their pens and sit back. This can be a major drawback when it comes time to sit down and study, though. Having the information and understanding the information are two separate things! If anything, print out the slides and use the margins to jot down your notes.

Check out Barnes & Noble College’s blog, TheCollegeJuice.com. Have any study tip myths you need to dispel? Meet us on Facebook and share them.


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