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5 Things Nursing Students Can't Live Without

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Nursing-Students-5-things-nursing-students-cant-live-without-Textbookscom-blog As a nursing student, there's a lot you bring to the table. You've got the book smarts – plus awesome interpersonal skills, an enormous capacity for compassion, and the ability to intuit exactly what kind of care your patients need. Equipped with all of these invaluable things, you're on the right track to a deeply rewarding career in which you'll help others become more healthy, happy, and aware.

But there are a few other things that every successful nursing student requires. Because we're proud to help thousands of nursing students all over the country spend less on the books they need each semester, we wanted to learn what they are – and how to help you save money on them.

So we teamed up with our friends at allheart, a leading online superstore for nursing supplies, to share 5 things nursing students simply can’t live without.

1. Scrubs, scrubs, and more scrubs
A friendly nurse in fun scrubs is such a welcome pop of color in a sterile hospital environment. Since nursing students often end up living in their scrubs, it's important that yours stand up to lots of washing and wear. In addition to the basic blues, you can get nursing scrubs in bright colors and festive prints, all sturdy enough to see you through the longest shifts.

2. Top nursing textbooks – at big discounts
Learning to be a nurse means mastering difficult concepts – and a lot of them. Think of your nursing textbooks as your companions along the way! You’ll spend many nights up late together, but the lessons you'll learn don’t need to come with a high price tag. Here on Textbooks.com, you can score used nursing textbooks at up to 90% off. Plus, shipping is FREE on orders over $25, so the price you see is the price you get. With 30 day returns and stellar customer service, we make sure that nursing students get the books they need at prices that fit their budgets.

3. Comfortable shoes
Student nurses are on their feet all day long, so cushion-y, supportive footwear is key. And though we agree that sometimes looking good does need to come in second to comfort, there's no need to sacrifice your personal style. You can have your pick of stylish, highly-rated clogs, oxfords, and other nursing shoes. And while Crocs may not be the fashionista's choice, they'll definitely keep your back and arches happy!

4. Nursing gear (and something to carry it all in)
The nursing students we know all say that when you're applying what you've learned to a real-life hospital environment, it's crucial to have everything you might need within reach. Though many nurses hook their stethoscopes around their necks, their nursing bags hold all sorts of other essentials – such as alcohol prep pads, hand lotion (because washing your hands constantly will dry them out), adhesive removal wipes, gauze sponges, ibuprofen, and lip balm. Medical bags range from totes and satchels that could easily pass for roomy purses to more official-looking bags with loads of handy compartments.

5. Someone to advise you along the way
Saving cash doesn't apply to this one, because a mentor – whether it's a professor, career adviser, or more experienced nurse – is simply invaluable. Don't hesitate to take the connections you make, both in and out of the classroom, to the next level by cultivating professor-student relationships. As for more experienced nurses, they've been exactly where you are now and will help you navigate your chosen career path.