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5 Top College iPad Apps for Homework Help

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5 top college ipad apps for homework help iPads are great for college students. They provide portable, easy-to-navigate knowledge. I've found that there are many ways to use an iPad to help with homework. Here are some top college iPad apps that make studying, notetaking, and learning faster and more effective.

iAnnotate PDF

As a writing major, I've found that most of my college life has been spent annotating books and papers. Often, my professors post PDFs online and we have to read them to prepare for class. It's always best to have the reading with you if you're going to discuss it in class, but I prefer not wasting trees and money on printing it out. If your teacher allows iPads in class, iAnnotate PDF is a great app for transporting PDFs. It includes many options for annotations, such as voice recordings, as well as pens and highlighters in a variety of colors. $9.99 in the Apple Store.


Evernote is an amazing app for note taking. It's very fun to use on the iPad because you can navigate through notes and folders easily. You can use it to record a lecture while simultaneously typing up the most important points. One of my favorite parts about taking notes with Evernote on an iPad or computer is their easy search feature. When you need to find some important fact later for a test or essay, you can easily search through your entire database of notes. It's definitely helped me in the past. Available for free in the Apple Store.


WolframAlpha is a great homework resource, though it's also just an excellent life tool. Whether you need to figure out a math problem, remember a historical fact, or look up a statistic, Wolfram Alpha has the answers. One of the best things about the WolframAlpha iPad app is that it works with Siri, so you have access to a world of knowledge just using your voice. $2.99 in the Apple Store.


This is a great flashcard creation app. Creating your own flashcards is very easy, and it looks great on the iPad. You can also share cards with friends, in addition to downloading a vast amount of cards from Quizlet, with subjects ranging from foreign languages to math problems. Available for free in the Apple Store.


Wikipedia is a great research for learning the basics of a topic. I've found it very useful for explaining a topic I've come across in my readings or providing me with a quick fact. This app is made for the iPad. It provides a stylish interface for browsing the popular site. Available for free on the Apple Store.

Hopefully these top college iPad apps will help you during class and even after, when you're doing your homework and studying. While it's easy to use the iPad as a distraction, I've found that with the right tools, it really helps you concentrate.