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6 Buyback Tips to Sell Your Textbooks

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Sell Your Textbooks Textbook Buyback Tips Textbooks.com Blog It’s the most wonderful time of the year. That’s right – classes are winding down, final projects crossed off the list, and – oh, yes – it’s time to sell your textbooks back. (Yay! Money!) To make sure you get the most cash for your books, we put together some buyback tips for you.

The first rule of textbook buyback is basically the only rule of textbook buyback, and something mom taught you long ago: do unto others.

When students try to sell their books back to us and a book is rejected, they understandably get upset. “Why didn’t you buy back my copy of ‘A Historical Survey of Viral Cat Videos’? You said it was worth $30!” Yes – if it meets our good buyback condition requirements. And greasy pizza stains, unfortunately, don’t make the cut (sorry, Grumpy Cat).

Did you know we hand-inspect every page when you sell your textbooks to us? It’s true. For pizza stains, torn or missing pages, and whole bunch of other kinds of damage. We do it so when you buy a book from us, we can stand behind our word – and our “happy you, happy us” philosophy. And it’s also to be sure it’s worthy to sell to one of your fellow students.

So what are we looking for when we get your buyback in the mail? Any and all of the following. Cue the Star Wars theme music.

Sell Your Textbooks Textbook Buyback Tips Textbooks.com Blog Excessive Handwriting Examples 1. Excessive Handwriting & Notes
Some handwriting and notes in the margin are acceptable, but it must be less than 50% of the book. Same goes for underlining – it’s allowed but limited to less than half of the book.

Sell Your Textbooks Textbook Buyback Tips Textbooks.com Blog Torn Damaged Pages Examples 2. Missing, Loose & Torn Pages
So you’re reading along in Homer’s “The Iliad” and – poof! – the Hector vs. Achilles fight scene is missing. Totally uncool, right? Right. We also don’t accept books with loose or torn pages. (Say it with us – do unto others.)

Sell Your Textbooks Textbook Buyback Tips Textbooks.com Blog Broken Spine Damage Examples 3. Broken Binding & Split Spines
Crack is whack, as the kids say. This goes for your book bindings, too. Broken, cracked, and split bindings lead to loose pages.

Sell Your Textbooks Textbook Buyback Tips Textbooks.com Blog Cover Damage Examples 4. Cover Damage
Whether they’re cracked, bent, torn, missing, or damaged – no can do with cover issues. If fido has his way with your copy of “Macroeconomics” – see this lovely “gnawed” edition – we won’t be able to honor your buyback quote.

Sell Your Textbooks Textbook Buyback Tips Textbooks.com Blog Stains Water Damage Examples 5. Stains, Water Damage & Mold
A leaky water bottle, your bathtub study sessions, buffalo wing snack attacks – these no-no’s can mean no-no dollars at the end of the semester. Wavy pages, water stains, black mold, and bright orange smears are firmly in the “sorry, no can do” category.

Sell Your Textbooks Textbook Buyback Tips Textbooks.com Blog Access Code Examples 6. Used Access Codes
If you’ve used, accessed, or revealed an access code or online lab key that comes with a textbook, we are unable to sell it in turn to another student. You may be able to sell some ISBNs back as “text only” – if that option is available, you’ll see it noted during buyback checkout.

Finally, some good news! Highlighting is generally acceptable (phew!), anywhere from a little to a lot, as long as the text underneath is legible and there are not excessive notes or underlining.

We do not buyback teacher’s editions, international editions, workbooks with more than 5 pages filled in, books with missing components (CDs, DVDs, study guides, etc.)

Selling your textbooks to us is easy.

1. Lock in your quote
Search for your ISBNs and lock in a quote, guaranteed for 30 days.

2. Send in your books
Return shipping via UPS is FREE! More packing tips here.

3. Collect your cash
You can choose to be paid via PayPal or check. Cha-ching!

See? Easy.

Ready to sell your books back? Good, we’re ready too.

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