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Sweat Equity: 6 Home Workout Videos on YouTube

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6 Home Workout Videos You Can Do on YouTubeYou have all the excuses: I don’t have enough time. The gym is too expensive. It’s too cold out. No, no – it’s too hot out. I don’t have kettle bells or weights. Well, not anymore thanks to our roundup of easy to do at home workout videos. Just press play and you’ll be working off that exam stress in no time.

30-Minute Cardio Tabata Workout by BodyFit by Amy

What to Expect: Easy-to-follow 20-seconds on/10-seconds off Tabata rounds that build in intensity. Meaning, that “this is so easy!” squat will be turning into a burning kick-jump squat by the last round of the circuit.
Why We Like It: Amy’s no equipment workouts are easily modified – tone it down for beginners or the more advanced set can add high-impact power moves.


Boxing Abs Cardio Workout by Body Project

What to Expect: The balanced mix of cardio spurts and upper cuts, jabs, planks, sit-ups and burpees means you’re burning fat and toning your arms and abs with these fast, all-in-one home exercises.
Why We Like It: Daniel Bartlett – a fitness instructor and life coach – and his encouraging, straightforward style that will keep you motivated.


50 Moves HIIT Workout by Millionaire Hoy

What to Expect: Rather than the typical Tabata 4x repeater style, these 50 different moves keep things fresh and humming. You will not get bored and bonus: you’ll only have to endure 20 seconds of an exercise if you don’t love it.
Why We Like It: Millionaire (if that is his real name) has an engaging style and PMA that breaks through the screen (Sample line: “Put a big ol’ bright juicy smile on your face… before we get right into the madness”). Plus this workout is well designed - a countdown clock shows your progress, next-up queues let you preview what’s coming, and a modified version of the current move is always in the upper right-hand corner for newbies.


20-Minute HIIT Workout by HAS Fit

What to Expect: A husband-wife team leading you through a full-body workout that goes from legs to arms with dashes of cardio and abs.
Why We Like It: A 20-minute home workout means none of those “I have no time” excuses. Plus you can easily tack on any of their dozens of 10-minute add-on workout videos geared around abs, arms, back, or legs.


5-Day Fitness Challenge by Fitness Blender

What to Expect: In two words - variety and reliability. This is a 5-workout playlist stacked with combinations of cardio and legs, upper body and HIIT, abs and pilates, cardio and yoga, and so on.
Why We Like It: One week of workout videos all in one place make this a push-play, no-excuses no-brainer. And there’s more where that came from - this husband-and-wife team has 500+ other workouts on YouTube.


30-Minute Full-Body Cardio and Toning Workout by Pop Sugar

What to Expect: Lacey Stone has the words “celebrity” and “trainer” before her name (maybe you've seen her on Khloe Kardashian's Revenge Body?) so that means you’re in for an intense, kick-butt half hour of head-to-toe toning and heart-pumping cardio. And doing this workout at home or in your own dorm room means you can sweat (and cry) in private.
Why We Like It: Like we said, you’re in for an intense, kick-butt half hour of head-to-toe toning and heart-pumping cardio.


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