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Best Academic Blogs: A Guide for College Students

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Best Academic Blogs: A Guide for College StudentsIf you're the type of student interested in reading about a newly identified deep-sea species or the recent discovery of King Richard III's body, academic blogs will be perfect for you. Luckily, no matter your interests — innovative mathematics, the latest genome discovery, or a reinterpretation of Hamlet — the web provides all the variety you could ever want. Here's a sampling of some of the best academic blogs on the web.

George Mason's History News Network
Since I'm quite the history buff, I'll start with George Mason University's History News Network (HNN), which is the CNN of history, and one of the best history academic blogs. The blog reports on the "breaking news" of history, like the recent discovery of King Richard III's body in a U.K. parking lot. It also provides commentary on more contemporary topics, like politics and the economy, but from the perspective of a historian. Its book reviews are also worth checking out.

All the Sciences in One!
Most science types aren't interested exclusively in just one of the sciences. After all, it's really not possible to understand biology without knowing some chemistry, too. As such, provides a one-stop shop for all the sciences. The site includes blog posts on everything from physics to environmental science to modern technology. It's literally impossible to not find a science-related topic that interests you — yes, even you non-science people — on this extensive website.

CommonPlace Blog
If a literature lover knows anything, it's not to judge a book by its cover, and that rule should apply to this blog. At first glance, this blogspot-crafted, basic HTML blog looks like a throwback to 2001, but the content of its posts is truly exceptional. Written by a literature professor, this is one of the best literature-centric academic blogs on the web for some quality literary criticism.

The Polymath Blog
Like the CommonPlace blog, the Polymath Blog might also require some abstention from judgment. This Wordpress-style blog is simple and austere, but the fact that it's written by one of the world's leading mathematicians, Sir Timothy Gowers, makes it one of the best academic blogs for mathematics. The blog originated as an attempt at worldwide, collaborative math. Since I'm no math whiz, it just looks like a lot of gibberish to me, but my math-oriented friends tell me it's really quite exciting. I'll take their word for it.

While these are some of the best academic blogs on the Internet, there are many others with niche specialties that might be of interest. Blogs and websites can be useful sources of information for college students trying to supplement their classroom learning and get a feel for life as an academic. Try to read an article a day, and you'll be well ahead of your peers in understanding your subjects. You might be inspired to consider a Ph.D.

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