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How to Find a Job in College: Telecommuting

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How to Find a Job in College: TelecommutingIt's often hard to figure out how to find a job in college, given that group projects, social events, club activities, internships, and studying don't always follow a fixed schedule. For that reason, I found the best way to make money is by telecommuting. You can set your own schedule, as long as you turn in assignments in a timely manner.

I was a freelance content writer for one website and a freelance petition writer for another, which not only helped me make money, but also gave me useful skills that I could then put on my resume. I recommend this sort of position to college students, especially those who are majoring in English or Journalism. It's an easy and flexible way to use your skills to make money while you're in school.

My work with a petition writing organization not only made me some spending money but set me up for an internship that I really wanted after graduation. More important than the money was the experience I gained. I became an extremely fast and diligent researcher and learned how to budget my time very well.

The best part about the job was that it was a telecommuting job, so I could work from my dorm room or the library after I finished my homework. I didn't need to spend any time or money commuting to work; all I needed was a computer and an Internet connection.

After graduation, I found an internship as a researcher for particular causes. When I told my interviewer about my previous freelance experience, she offered me the job on the spot! In addition, the petition writing organization offered me a freelance job post-grad, so I was able to translate it into even more money.

When figuring out how to find a job in college, I would recommend that anyone who has the time and dedication should try to get a telecommuting job. Not only can you make some extra spending money; you can also gain experience that could lead you to post-grad jobs.