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5 Meditation Podcasts to Put Mind Over Matter

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5 Meditation Podcasts to Put Mind Over Matter Meditate MeditatingYou've probably heard, or know firsthand, that meditation helps you relax and focus. But here's something you might not know: meditation changes your brain. Quite literally, according to neuroscientist Sara Lazar. While you might not know your temporo parietal junction from your posterior cingulate, Lazar and her Harvard Medical School colleagues outlined the brain’s positive physical changes in two separate stress reduction-focused studies. Can you say, Sign us up?

Increasing longevity, gaining empathy, reducing anxiety, upping your happiness quotient – the benefits of meditating are many. Even if it’s just more “me time” you’re after, or a long, deep exhale in the holiday aftermath, maybe meditation podcasts can help.

We rounded up 5 free meditation podcasts from some of the top mindfulness sites out there. Grab your headphones, find a quiet space, and get ready to up your downtime.

1. Basic Meditation for Beginners by The Meditation Podcast
Birds chirp, water rushes, flora rustles, and fauna coo as Jesse Stern’s soothing voice lulls you into a recharge and reset. Get started with the basic introduction, or explore more of their meditation podcast offerings on iTunes.

2. A Peaceful Silence by Jim Butler
New Hampshire musician Jim Butler has been transmitting his celestial-inspired Deep Energy podcast for almost 10 years – seemingly from the nether regions of a far-off galaxy. With more than 70 instrumental music-based meditation podcast episodes, your downtime inspiration is nearly endless.

3. Body Scan Meditation by Mark Williams
Have trouble staying in the moment and all too easily begin to mentally spiraling out on the 18 things that could go wrong between now and tomorrow night? This guided 15-minute meditation podcast – with clinical psychologist/professor Williams’ dulcet British accent as your welcoming guide – is perfect for practicing mindfulness, shifting your focus and breath moment to moment into a deeper stillness and helping to reduce anxiety, stress, and depression. You can also check out his book, Mindfulness.

4. Guided Walking Meditation by Meditation Oasis
While you might associate meditation with sitting crossed legged or laying down on a yoga mat, a walking meditation can be great for connecting in the outdoors, and getting a bit of fresh air and exercise, too. Mary Maddux’s mellifluous voice is perfect for settling you into relaxation. Beware that cyclist, though.

5. Night Light Sleeping Meditation by Tracks to Relax
Do you have trouble unwinding at the end of the day and shutting off your mental to-do list once your head hits the pillow? For a better night’s sleep (and a more rested next day), consider a sleep meditation before bed. Om yeah.

Do you have any favorite meditation podcasts? Zen out with us on Facebook.


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