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Resume Rebrand: Grab Recruiters' Attention with a Creative Resume

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Resume-Rebrand-Creative-Resumes-How-to-Make-Your-Resume-Standout-LEGOLeah-Textbookscom-Blog For recent grads, summer intern seekers, and job hunters, a standout resume is key. And your experience will speak for itself – if the recruiter gives it more than the standard 10 seconds. So what can you do to break through the black-and-white clutter? For some branding-savvy job searchers – like LEGO Leah, who made the news recently with her standout idea – the more creative, the better.

Best suited for creative industries, a well designed resume is the opportunity to brand yourself. A soon-to-be nurse might not want to confuse his future employer with cartoons and rainbow gradients but an illustrator applying to Pixar? Absolutely. Same goes for graphic designers, UX folks, and architects. Your style (and talent!) should be reflected in your resume and carry through to your cover letter, online portfolio, and website.

Even entry-level desk job candidates - in say, the marketing, social media, editor, tech and biotech fields - could benefit from a little shine on their CV. Strong typography, a unique (but clear) layout, and a small dash of color can make you stand out from the crowd.

Don't go overboard but consider a hiring manager on the other end of the resume line - 40 Times New Roman-set resumes vs a fresh modern font like Franklin Gothic or Meta? Which one would you go for first? Fonts and color won't get you the job - appropriate experience and a great interview will - but it might get your resume looked at first.

Anything you can do to get your resume to the top of the pile - and landing that first phone interview with the hiring manager - is worth investing the time.

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Photo credit: Leah Bowman / LEGO resume