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4 Reasons Summer is the Perfect Time for Career Building

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4 Reasons Summer Perfect for Summer Career BuildingLong days on the beach, cool nights out on the town: summer’s the perfect time to catch your breath and recharge your batteries. But our friends over at Barnes & Noble College’s blog, the College Juice, have a few tips on why it's also the perfect time to dive into some summer career building.

1. It’s internship season.
While you can (and should!) intern all throughout the year, summer still holds the title of “internship season.” After all, there’s much more time to dedicate to this hands-on experience. When you’re not balancing your role with classes, you can really focus all of your energy on learning the in’s and out’s of your career.

2. Your classes won’t hold you back.
Did we mention that classes are out of session?! (Or most are, at least.) That means that stress is low, so you can tackle any career-related tasks you’ve been putting off. Studying for exams might have trumped editing your resume a few months back, but now you can really put the time in with a stress-free mindset.

3. There’s more time to try out new side hustles, ideas, and jobs.
Aside from interning, things like side hustles, part-time jobs, and other professional gigs can really benefit your future career. There are also plenty of great career-building resources you can dive into—like blogs, podcasts, motivational speaker events, career mentorships, and conferences. It’s really hard tackling it all when you’re a full-time student. Now is your time to finally do so.

4. It’s a great time for self-reflection.
Building a career isn’t all about “do, do, do.” Sometimes the most profound moments are when you’re simply laying back and reflecting (like on a nice, sunny beach day!). Make it a goal this summer to understand more of your passions, what your career goals are, and how you can start taking action.

What are your summer career plans? Meet us on Twitter or Facebook. Then head over to the College Juice for more great advice and tips.


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