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Why I Started an Entertainment Blog in College

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Why I Started an Entertainment Blog in CollegeAt the beginning of the summer, I was feeling bored and listless. After an amazing freshman year full of college events, extracurriculars, and lots of writing assignments, I was suddenly lacking creative stimulation. I decided to do something I'd always meant to: start an entertainment blog.

I have always loved pop culture and once I graduate, I would love to write for an entertainment magazine or blog. I also love creating lists. I merged these loves into my blog by making lists of thoughts I had about TV episodes, albums, and movies. I post these to my blog, which is called Thirteen Thoughts.

Not only did my blog satisfy my creative needs, but it helped me professionally and personally. Here are a few benefits I've enjoyed from my blog, and why I recommend that every college student start one.

1. Blogs help you keep in touch with friends.
Even though my college friends live all across the world, I can communicate with each of them every day through my blog. I've found that the friends I've made in college are my blog's top followers. Once we graduate and begin to drift apart, blogs will be a great way to keep in contact.

2. Blogs look great on job applications.
You don't have to be an aspiring writer to benefit professionally from blogging. You can blog about anything you're interested in, such as technology, the arts, or food. Starting a blog establishes you as a kind of expert in your field and also shows that you are passionate and independent. Providing a link to your blog on your resume — so long as your blog is appropriate and relevant to your professional interests — can show employers that you are serious and motivated. I used my entertainment blog to apply to writing jobs this summer and employers have frequently asked me about it in interviews.

3. Blogs can help you find a community.
Whether your blog is about cute kittens or new software, you can be sure that someone else is blogging about the same thing. Don't be discouraged, though; it's a good thing! Blogs are a great way to find a niche. Commenting on and sharing links to similar blogs can be a great way to make friends in your niche, friends who you might then be able to communicate with via email or Facebook.

If your blog is about your professional interests, you have many opportunities to network. Finding a community of people who share your passions might give you a few great contacts when you're applying to jobs. You can seek out successful fellow bloggers for professional advice, or at the very least, some great conversation.

4. Blogs help you hone your writing skills.
I strongly believe that writing well is a beneficial skill in any occupation. And, in addition to reading, the main way to become a better writer is to write a lot. Even if you don't feel like sharing your blog with anyone, the very act of writing down your thoughts is a great exercise. I try to blog once a day, and I've found that it's a great way for me to improve my writing.

Even with all these benefits, blogging is a lot about having fun. My blog is a great place for me to be funny, thoughtful, or silly, depending on my mood. It's certainly gotten me out of my rut. Maybe blogging will be a great way for you to have a fun and successful summer, too.