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We do one thing and one thing only — textbooks.

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Business-and-Society-Stakeholders-Ethics-Public-Policy, by Anne-T-Lawrence-and-James-Weber - ISBN 9781259315411
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Managerial-Accounting-for-Managers, by Eric-Noreen-Peter-C-Brewer-and-Ray-H-Garrison - ISBN 9781259578540
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Understanding-Health-Insurance, by Michelle-A-Green - ISBN 9781337554220
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Qualitative-Data-Analysis, by Matthew-B-Miles - ISBN 9781452257877
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Infants-Children-and-Adolescents, by Laura-E-Berk-and-Adena-B-Meyers - ISBN 9780133936735
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Risk-Management-Principles-and-Practices, by Michael-W-Elliot - ISBN 9780894636134
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