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Diana Hacker's writing guides always top our best-selling textbooks and that's because they're straightforward, engaging, and proven. The Pocket Style Manual is no exception. A must-have for college students and writers, this indispensable reference book gets top marks for its quick lookup design, portability, and, of course, dedication to best writing practices. Grammar, clarity, punctuation, and mechanics covered, along with research citations and MLA, APA, CSE, and Chicago documentation styles.

Latest edition of Pocket Style Manual

Pocket Style Manual (ISBN10: 0312542542; ISBN13: 9780312542542)
ISBN13: 978-0312542542
ISBN10: 0312542542
List Price: $34.00


Used by nearly a quarter million students each year, A Pocket Style Manual is a straightforward, inexpensive quick reference, with content flexible enough to suit the needs of writers in the humanities, social sciences, sciences, health professions, business, fine arts, education, and beyond. Its slim format, brief length, and spiral binding make it easy for students to keep A Pocket Style Manual with them for every writing assignment, in any class. With its signature Hacker handbook quick-reference features-hand-edited sentences, color-coded documentation coverage, user-friendly index entries, and a clean, uncluttered design- A Pocket Style Manual has always provided fast, effective answers to writing and research questions. In the Hacker tradition, new coauthor Nancy Sommers has crafted solutions for the challenges today's college students face. The new edition provides even more help with research writing and supports students in every discipline.

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