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Prebles' Artforms

From the principles of design to an overview of art through the ages, Prebles' Artforms is a gorgeously designed introductory art appreciation textbook. For non-majors and art majors just starting out, Prebles' Artforms covers the theory, practice, and history of art via stunning color reproductions and ‘what it means to you' descriptions. With an emphasis on self-reflection and cultural understanding, the title, the authors intend, is meant to exemplify “We form Art. Art forms us.” Digging into this exhaustive textbook, you'll begin with the basics of visual communication – color, shape line – then move onto various media – painting, photography, drawing - before exploring art history, criticism, and modern movements.

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Prebles` Artforms (ISBN10: 0205797539; ISBN13: 9780205797530)
ISBN13: 978-0205797530
ISBN10: 0205797539

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ISBN13: 978-0205010950
ISBN10: 0205010954
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'Prebles' Artforms' continues to lead the field with its focus on contemporary art, global artists, and technology for the art appreciation classroom. Besides the expected discussion of the various forms of art, the title also reflects the fact that art does indeed help to form us as people.

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